Automatically Loading AI MAXTools when Modeling Starts


To load AI MAXTools every time Modeling is started, the following line must be added to your sd_customize file for the version of Modeling you are using. Note that the path "c:/asp-inno" must be changed if AI MAXTools is installed in a directory other than "c:/asp-inno")

(load "c:/asp-inno/ai-load-files.lsp" :if-does-not-exist nil)

Your sd_customize file is generally located in your CoCreate user directory. For example, under Windows XP, your user directory might be:

c:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\CoCreate\CoCreate Modeling 2008\16.00\

The actual path will vary depending on the version of CoCreate Modeling you are using, as well as if you're using Windows Vista or Windows 7. Also note that if you do not have an sd_customize file, you will need to create one.

Automatic File Modification

AI MAXTools provides the file ai-autoload.lsp to attempt to automate the above process, but it may not work in all situations. If it does not work for you, please contact us so that we are aware of the situation and can assist you.

To run the automated file modification utility, you will need to load it into your active CoCreate Modeling session. This can be accomplished several ways:

A) from a Windows Explorer window, browse to your AI Tools installation directory. Click on the ai-autoload.lsp file and drag it into your CoCreate Modeling window.

B) type the following line into your user input line in your CoCreate Modeling session (replacing "c:/asp-inno" with the path of your AI Tools installation folder, if appropriate):

   (load "c:/asp-inno/ai-load-files.lsp")

C) From withing your Modeling session: 1) Click "File->Load" 2) Change the directory to "c:\asp-inno" 3) Change the file type to "LISP source (*.lsp)" You may need to scroll down the list to find this selection. 4) Select ai-autoload.lsp 5) Click "Load"

If this procedure does not work, please try using the Manual process described below:

Manual File Modification

To manually modify your sd_customize file, you will first need to locate it.

This task is very easy IF you have a customized menu pick on your Start Menu to modify your sd_customize file (some customized Modeling installations have this menu pick):

Start ->Programs ->CoCreate ->CoCreate Modeling 16.0 Edit sd_customize (CoCreate Modeling)

If you don't have the above menu pick, you should be able to locate your user customization directory manually. Typically, this directory will be located in a directory similar to the following (under Windows XP -- Windows 7 and Windows Vista user directories are slightly different as mentioned above):

c:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\CoCreate\CoCreate Modeling 2008\16.00

NOTE: you may not have an sd_customize file if you have not made customizations before. In this case, you need to create it by opening Notepad, copying the following line into it (replacing "c:/asp-inno" with the path of your AI Tools installation folder, if needed):

(load "c:/asp-inno/ai-load-files.lsp" :if-does-not-exist nil)

Then save the new file as sd_customize (no extension) in your user customization directory as listed above.

If you already have an sd_customize file, open it in Notepad, and paste the following line (again, replacing "c:/asp-inno" with the path of your AI MAXTools installation folder) at the end of the file, and then save your changes:

(load "c:/asp-inno/ai-load-files.lsp" :if-does-not-exist nil)

Please note that you will need to make this change to the sd_customize file for each version of CoCreate Modeling you are planning to use. For example, if you use both v15 and v16, you'll need to modify the sd_customize files in your user customization directory for each version (15.00 and 16.00, for example).

NOTE that this procedure only needs to be done once -- i.e. ALL CoCreate Modeling Add-ins from AI MAXTools installed in the above installation directory (for example c:/asp-inno) will load once this modification is complete. Add-ins for Annotation are loaded from ai-load-am-files.lsp (if needed).


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